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Narain Chotirosniramit
MD,Assistant Professor


Center for Medical Excellence is emerging as a vital strategic asset for managing complex change initiatives and promoting collaboration and the application of the best practices, data integration, project management, enterprise architecture, business and IT optimization, and enterprise-wide access to information. 


Center for Medical Excellence, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, will serve as the unit to establish the purpose, objectives, scope, and functions of the center. Positioning is equated with authority in organizational structures; the higher the placement, the more autonomy, authority and responsibility is likely to be bestowed on the center.


1.  To be a center of high technology in investigation.

2.  To be a center of integrated high technology in treatment.

3.  Working with private sectors (Public-Private Partnership: PPP)

4.  To be a learning organization with “routine to research” concept.

5.  Collaborate with the team in the faculty’s departments.

6.  To be the role model in public quality management.

7.  To be qualified in the standard quality assurance with the risk  management system.


Developed projects that need strengthening and measurement:

1.The First Robotic center outside Bangkok.

2.The most advanced technology CMU LASIK Center.

3.PET-Scan and Cyclotron Center.

4.Women’s health Center.

5.Cosmetic surgery and skin care Center.

6.Stem cell technology and research