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history of Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University

In response to the need for more physicians to serve rural areas, particularly in the north of Thailand, the third medical school of Thailand was established. Sixty-five students were accepted for admission to the new medical school in 1958. To facilitate the development of the new faculty, Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital was transferred from the Ministry of Public Health to the University of Medical Science in 1959.

The University of Illinois greatly assisted in the establishment of the faculty by providing 35 of its staffs to teach here during the period of 1962 to 1970. It also gave scholarships for Thai instructors to be trained in the United States and then to return to teach in Chiang Mai.

When Chiang Mai University was established, the School of Medicine atNakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, University of Medical Science became the Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University. This change became formal on March 16, 1965. Since then the Faculty has grown continuously. It has fully achieved its original mandate and is now the largest medical school in northern Thailand and operates the largest and most comprehensive hospital in this region.