Ascaris lumbricoides

Fertilized egg

Ascaris egg
  • 75x50 micrometer , brownish due to the bile pigment.
  • Outermost egg shell layer is a mammalated albuminous coat.
  • Thick egg shell, especially chitinous layer.
  • Usually find a one- cell stage in freshly passed faeces.

Fertilized, Decorticated egg

Ascaris egg
  • Broadly ovoid with a thick shell transparent.
  • No outer albuminous layer.
  • One-cell stage.

Unfertilized egg

Ascaris egg
  • 90x55 micrometer , brownish.
  • Elongated ovoidal in shape.
  • Egg shell is thinner than the fertilized Ascaris egg.
  • It contains a mass of disorganized , highly refractive granules of various sizes.