รองศาสตราจารย์ แพทย์หญิงนิรัชร์ เลิศประเสริฐสุข
Assoc. Prof. Nirush Lertprasertsuke M.D.
Doctor of Medicine (Pathology)
Diplomate Thai Board in Anatomic Pathology


NAME : Nirush Lertprasertsuke, M.D., Ph.D.Med.Pathology (Japan)
DATE OF BIRTH : April 6, 1959
PLACE OR BIRTH : Lamphun, Thailand
ADDRESS, BUSINESS : Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai 50002,
Tel : (053) 945442-4 Fax. (053) 217144 e-mail :
RESIDENTIAL : 1 Charoenta road, Maung District, Lamphun 51000 Tel : (053) 511376

1976-1980 Bechelor degree of Science, Chiang Mai University (1980)
1981-1982 Degree of Medical Doctor (M.D.), Chiang Mai University

1982-1983 Internship Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
1984 Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Science, Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University.
1985-1996 Research Fellow in General Pathology, Tokai University Hospital, Isehara, Japan.
1986-1990 Doctor of Medicine (Ph.D, Pathology), Tokai University, Postgraduate College of Medicine, Isehara, Japan.
1990-1991 Postdoctorate fellow in Experimental Pathology, Tokai University, Postgraduate College of Medicine, Osehara,                  Japan.
1992 WHO Advanced course on immunology, vaccinology and biotechnology applied to infectious disease, University of                   Lausanne Switzerland.
1992 Tutorial on clinical cytology, The International Academy of Cytology (IAC), Vienna, Austria.
1995 Recent advances in surgical pathology, Armed Force Institute of Pathology (AFIP). San Diego, U.S.A.
1999 WHO Refresher Course in Immunology and Biotechnology Applied to Infectious Disease. National Institute of          Virology, Pune, India

1992 Instructor in Pathology, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University.
1996-present Associate professor of Pathology, Department of Pathology, Faculty of Medicine Chiang Mai University.
1994-present Consultant Anatomic Pathology, McCormick Hospital, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Member of The Royal Collage of Pathology of Thailand.
Member of The International Academic Pathology, Thailand Division.
Member of the Gastroenterological Association of Thailand.

LANGUAGE COMPETENCY : Thai, English, Japanese

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1. Lertprasertsuke N. Pathology of Opportunistic infections associated with HIV-infected patients : Detection and     Diagnosis. In : Color Atlas of HIV. Infection. Chewcharnwit S. (ed.) P.B. Foreign Book, Bangkok, 1997 155-254
    (in Thai)

1. Detection of H.pylori infection in patients with non-ulcer peptic diseases.
2. Esophageal candidiasis and penicellosis in HIV-infected patients : clinical trials.
3. Invasive aspergillosis, confirmatory diagnosis in immunocompromised hosts : clinical trials.
4. Gastrointestinal mycobacterial infections : tuberculosis V.S. atypical mycobacterial infections in acquired     immunodeficiency syndrome.
5. Histological study of toxicity and tumor induction in experimental animal model.